NMIXX completely unrecognized by guests on “Amazing Saturday”

Netizens posed questions about NMIXX’s popularity after the girl group went completely unrecognized on a TV show. 

A snippet from a recent episode of TV program “Amazing Saturday” has been drawing attention for a not-so-positive reason and roused mixed opinions. 

In particular, in the aforementioned episode, “Amazing Saturday” fixed casts and guests were playing a round of game where they had to guess the names of Kpop artists and their songs. Among the artists, the JYP girl group NMIXX appeared. 

However, all guests, including Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, looked extremely perplexed when the answer of the question was revealed to be NMIXX. When a cast member asked if she knew the group, Jang Nara even said that she was completely unaware of them. 

As a result, many people brought up the fact that despite selling over 1 million physical albums in their first week, NMIXX was completely unrecognized by fellow Korean stars. Accordingly, they raised suspicions surrounding the girl group’s popularity.  

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Others, however, defended that NMIXX are more popular overseas, and suggested that “Amazing Saturday” take down the clip, so as not to trouble the guests and hurt NMIXX and fans. 

Source: VKR

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