The identity of the man who was mistaken for Jung Hae In’s “real brother”

P1Harmony member Intak became a hot topic because of his special chemistry with Jung Hae In.

The man who recently took a selfie with and did a friendly pose with Jung Hae In drew keen attention from netizens. He’s Intak, a member of the idol group P1Harmony. He has been consistently mentioned as Jung Hae In’s lookalike ever since his debut.

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Seeing the selfie, Internet users gave enthusiastic comments, such as “I have a familiar feeling every time I look at Intak. It turns out to be Jung Hae In”, “They look so much alike, like family members”, “They’re like brothers”, etc.

The two, who surprise everyone with their similar appearances, are known to be from the same agency. Jung Hae In is the first actor in FNC Entertainment. After making his debut through AOA’s “MOYA” music video in 2013, he has continued to be loyal to his agency.

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Intak is a visual member of P1Harmony, FNC’s 5th boy group following F.T. Island, CNBLUE, N.Flying, and SF9. His position is Rapper and Dancer.

In particular, Intak revealed that he naturally encountered dancing due to the influence of her mother, who was a dance instructor, and developed the dream of becoming a singer. Intak joined FNC in 2017 when he was in the second year of middle school and succeeded in making his debut after three years of training.

p1harmony intak

Debuting at the age of 18, Intak aroused keen interest from the public thanks to his perfect visual and was nicknamed “a miracle born in 2003”. He is still attracting many fans as the Visual of the group. 

Intak’s group P1Harmony is a 6-member group that debuted on October 28th, 2020. The team’s name is the combination of “Plus”, number 1 and “Harmony”, which means the members have infinite possibilities and can make various harmonies.

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P1Harmony released their fifth mini album “HARMONY: SET IN” on November 30th and achieved a new career high with this new music release.

P1Harmony’s new title “Back Down” was selected as a “must-listen song” by MTV, a major U.S. music media outlet. The boy group also made headlines when announcing the plan to hold a live tour “P1ustage H: P1ONEER” in Seoul and the U.S.

p1harmony intak

P1Harmony, which has been showing rapid growth by earning new achievements through every album, will meet fans at the Seoul show in January 14th next year, and begins to tour around 12 cities in the U.S.

Source: Daum

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