NewJeans, “There are many charms we haven’t shown… CEO Min Hee Jin is always sincere when talking to us”

How will NewJeans, which becomes a top K-pop girl group within six months of debut, grow and perform in 2023?

News1 recently conducted a survey on a total of 33 experts from K-pop agencies to select the “most anticipated singer of 2023”. As a result, NewJeans topped the rankings with 11 votes.

K-pop officials who picked NewJeans expressed their expectations, saying “I’m very excited about their new concepts and plans”, “All four tracks in their debut album were mega hits. That’s why I’m looking forward to their new songs”, etc.

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There is a reason why so many Korean music experts picked NewJeans. The girl group debuted at the end of July, 2022 and immediately created a syndrome with their first mini album’s title tracks “Attention” and “Hype Boy”. Their comeback releases, “Ditto” and “OMG”, also topped music charts and have stayed in high ranks for a long time. Apart from achieving cumulative sales of more than 1.58 million copies with two albums within 6 months, NewJeans also entered Billboard ‘Hot 100’ at No.96 with “Ditto”.

Knowing the result of the survey, NewJeans also conducted an interview and shared, “There are many charms that we haven’t shown”.

Below is the interview with NewJeans.

– How do you feel about being selected as “most anticipated singer of 2023”?

NewJeans: First of all, we are very grateful to everyone who showed interest in us and chose us. We still have many things to show you, so please look forward to us.

– Most of the music producers picked Newjeans because they were curious about your next concept. They believed that anything NewJeans does would become a trend. What do you think is the reason for this evaluation?

Hanni: I think it’s because CEO Min Hee Jin took care of each and every point of our concept. She explained that what used to be popular in the past would come back to the present.

Hyein: There are so many things that we haven’t shown. That’s why I think people are excited and curious about what we’re going to do next.


– What do you think is the unique charm of NewJeans?

Minji: I think I cannot explain the exact charm of NewJeans yet because there are too many things we haven’t shown. We are still growing and trying to make sure that the constant growth and changing images of NewJeans can become our charms. 

Danielle: I think it’s too difficult to summarize it. Just as people grow and change every day, NewJeans also transforms and develops day by day. I think that’s one of our charms. 

– If you were to pick three reasons why NewJeans earned remarkable achievements since debut, what would they be?

Minji: I think it was possible thanks to our good songs, the great efforts of NewJeans members and everyone who participated in making our album, and the good timing of the album release.

Danielle: I think our music is one of the biggest reasons. It’s the result of the combined efforts and challenges of many people who have been working hard for us.

– Do you feel burdened by those amazing achievements?

Hanni: As much as the public loves us, we want to show better performances. We just tried to enjoy the stage and that helped us reduce the burden.

– What does CEO Min Hee Jin often emphasize when communicating with NewJeans members?

Hyein: I remember she told us that the charm of a person can only be felt when they are honest. The CEO is always sincere when talking to us and that’s why we can comfortably share out thoughts without hiding anything.

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– How did NewJeans understand the emotions and details of the 90s style that the members were not familiar with?

Hanni: When I first encountered the items that were popular in the 90s, I thought they were very fresh and wanted to know more. The staff also told us about the memories they had during that era and it was fun imagining the scene at that time. 

Haerin: I didn’t feel unfamiliar with our concept at all because I had seen and learned about representative concepts and styles that used to be loved by people in the previous generations.

– The music video of “Ditto” was recently compared to “Infinite Challenge”. What do you think about that?

Minji: It was fun. I saw comments saying they rewatched the show thanks to the unique sentimental feeling of “Ditto”.

– Many celebrities are doing covers of NewJeans’s “Hype Boy” dance. Did any of them impress you?

Hanni: First of all, thank you so much for your participation in “Hype Boy” dance challenge.  I think each person gave me a different feeling so it is difficult to choose a particular person. 

– Is there anything NewJeans wants to show the public this year as the “most anticipated group of 2023”?

NewJeans: There are still many messages we want to convey through our music. We will continue to work hard, enjoy the stage, and show you good music as well as performances.

Source: Nate

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