NewJeans’ “Ditto” is aiming for Grand Prize at “Japan Record Awards”

NewJeans has been nominated for the Grand Prize at the “Japan Record Awards”

According to the “Japan Record Awards” on November 22nd, NewJeans received the “Excellence Work Award” and “Special Achievement Award” at the “65th Japan Record Awards”.

The “Excellence Work Award” is given to songs released in the same year that gained significant popularity among the public and demonstrated excellence in artistry, creativity and planning. NewJeans’ “Ditto” became the first foreign song ever selected as the winner in this category. The 10 songs selected for the “Excellence Work Award” become candidates for the Grand Prize at the “Japan Record Awards”. Consequently, “Ditto” is aiming for the Grand Prize at the ceremony to be broadcast live on December 30th.

The “Special Achievement Award” is given to artists or songs that created a buzz during the year. NewJeans is the only foreign artist to win this category this year.

The “Japan Record Awards” is a music awards ceremony hosted by the Japan Composer’s Association and is the oldest and most prestigious music awards ceremony in Japan, starting in 1959. NewJeans’ exceptional achievement in being nominated for the Grand Prize with a Korean song before their official debut in Japan is drawing attention as it could mark a new chapter in K-pop history, especially in a ceremony known for its high barriers for foreign songs.


NewJeans received much love in Japan this year with their Korean album. Their second mini-album “Get Up” reached the top of the Oricon “Daily Album Ranking” on the day of its release (July 21st), while “Ditto” and “OMG” achieved 100 million cumulative streams on Oricon. Besides, three songs (“Ditto”, “OMG”, “Hype boy”) obtained the streaming “Platinum” certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Source: Daum

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