Dawn confessed to Hyuna, “If I break up with Hyuna, I will not fall in love with her again”

Singer Hyuna and her boyfriend, Dawn, who she has been dating for 6 years showed their sweet relationship.

On September 10, the 13th episode of ‘TurKids On The Block” was uploaded on the Youtube channel ‘STUDIO WAFFLE’.


In this episode, Hyuna and Dawn appeared as guests. The two came to introduce their newly released album, shared the behind-the-scenes details of the production of their album and also their love stories.

In the middle of the couple’s love stories telling, the two said they promised that they would not delete their photos. Therefore, Lee Yong Jin asked if they were still keeping that promise.


Dawn replied, saying the promise was still valid. He jokingly said, “I’ve thought about that situation, but I think I would just ignore it. I will sell my account, though.”

Lee Yong Jin was amazed by Dawn’s remark; he laughed and said, “Aren’t you a rascal?”


Dawn answered with a sincere confession, showing his affection towards his girlfriend, “I’m not dating Hyuna if I’ve ever thought of breaking up with her”


Hyuna, who was watching the conversation, patted Dawn’s neck and made everyone laughed because of her realistic response, “Stop it right now.”

On September 9, Hyuna and Dawn have just made their comeback with the release of their first unit album ‘1+1=1’.


The two publicized their relationship in 2016 and has been known as one of the KPOP couples with the longest dating period (6 years)

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