Netizens were confused by the news on April Fool’s Day that RM (BTS) and Wendy (Red Velvet) were dating

The news that RM (BTS) and Wendy (Red Velvet) are dating is becoming a hot topic

Not only January 1, but April 1 is also the day that makes fans “heartbreak” because there may be a famous couple that will be “revealed” by dating news.  This is considered the new “tradition” of Dispatch after the image of the Krystal – Kai couple was revealed on that day.  Sometimes it’s true, but sometimes it’s the “prank”, simply because this is April Fool’s Day.

At 0 am, April 1KST, netizens were shocked by the news that RM (BTS) and Wendy (Red Velvet) were dating.  The Market News reported that the two started from their friendship and have officially been dating for 4 months.  The two idols have the same interests and harmony in their hearts.  They meet each other regularly despite the tight schedule.

If you were expecting a new Kpop couple, then very sad, you were disappointed.  After the initial surprise, netizens pointed out that this is in fact the dating photo of Song Hye Kyo – Song Joong Ki in Japan, released by Dispatch.  The first “prank” on April Fool’s Day this year made people flustered and regretted it. 

However, there are also many opinions that the photo is fake but maybe the love story of these two famous idols is true because, before that, there was also a couple revealed by Dispatch on April Fool’s Day.  That is Kai (EXO) and Krystal f(x), their dating news was released on April 1, 2016.

Source: Theqoo

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