Jeon Somi amazes netizens with her slim figure in skin-tight fits

It looks like Somi has lost even more weight. 

On May 24, Jeon Somi shared behind-the-scenes pictures from her outdoor photoshoot for fashion brand Lacoste. The post quickly became a hot topic among netizens. 


In the photos, Somi radiates her trademark cheerful and bright vibes. Blonde hair and sporty outfits, from biker shorts, sports bra, tank top, to tennis skirt, the styling makes Somi look like the main character of an American high-teen movie. 

In a photo, she shows off her playfulness by spraying water on her body. Since the photoshoot took place on a sunny day, Somi also stuns with her glowing skin and healthy looks in the sun. 

Attention is also drawn to her incredibly slim figure. Wearing a sports bra and biker shorts, Somi flaunts her doll-like appearance that exudes both cute and sexy charm. In particular, even though she was wearing skin-tight shorts, her tiny teeny waist with zero belly fat amazed netizens. 

Meanwhile, Somi received a lot of love for her single ‘DUMB DUMB’ released in August of last year. She later dropped her first full-length album ‘XOXO’ in October, creating much buzz.

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