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The consequence of the villain of “Street Man Fighter,” who said the choreo was too easy but was the only one getting it wrong 

Legendary scenes have emerged on the stage of selecting the main dancer of the “Street Man Fighter” Vice Leader class.

On August 30th, Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” unveiled the class mission between eight crews with colorful careers and excellent skills, including Bank Two Brothers, Mbitious, YGX, 1Million, We Dem Boyz, Just Jerk, and Prime Kingz.

Woo-tae’s choreography was chosen as the final choice after a fierce competition among famous dancers in the Vice Leader class.

A short time later, the competition to pick the class’ main dancer began.

At that time, In-gyu of We Dem Boyz raised his hand and said, “I have something to say.”

He said, “Our Vice leader class chose this choreography while not in our right mind, not because it was a really good choreography, but because it can be used to hold down other strong members.”

When asked by BoA, “What do you mean by not in your right mind?” In-gyu publicly attacked Woo-tae, the owner of the choreography, saying, “I know that they gathered their votes to avoid other strong choreographies.”

Woo-tae said, unbothered, “I don’t care. Let’s see how good they are if the choreography is so easy like they said.”

The dynamic stage began. But not long after it started that In-gyu, who said the choreography was too easy, became the first one to get it wrong.

The dancers who were watching this pointed their fingers at In-gyu and pointed out that he was wrong, and in particular, Noh Tae-hyun’s laughter soon after was described by netizens as “refreshing.”

In addition, the main dancer position of the Vice president class was also taken by Woo-tae, the choreographer, making it a perfect revenge.

Source: insight

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