Netizens shocked by Jang Ki Yong’s old photoshoot in the early days of his modeling career

Do you recognise Jang Ki Yong in the following pictorials? 

Although he is serving in the military after enlisting in August, Jang Ki Yong’s popularity is still increasing, especially after his new drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” co-starring Song Hye Kyo broadcast its first episodes over the weekend. Having impressed the audience with his acting skills, few people know that Jang Ki Yong actually started out as a model. 

Netizens shocked by Jang Ki Yong’s old photoshoot in the early days of his modeling career

Recently, the actor is no longer an unfamiliar face in famous magazines. Whether it’s fashion or beauty, he is one of the most sought-after male stars. The charming monolids help him easily nail any unique and cold expression. After looking at the rising actor’s current handsome and elegant image, netizens are taken aback by Jang Ki Yong’s old photos during his modeling days. 

In the early days of his career, Jang Ki Yong once had a bold photo shoot for Elle Korea. In a photo, he is naked apart from a sweater and uses a bright-colored handbag to cover his bottom. In another photo, he is semi-nude while giving a seductive expression.

In some other sexy shots, netizens are surprised by Jang Ki Yong’s unique expression and hairstyle. It is noticeable that back then, his appearance was not at its peak yet, his physique was not as muscular and toned as it is now. We bet Jang Ki Yong only wants to “bury” these pictures!

But it doesn’t matter, as long as he looks stunning now.  Every celebrity has a “dark past”, right?

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