Current where abouts of the male singer who “married” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun 13 years ago

Here’s how this male idol-turned-actor, an “all-around entertainer” in Korea’s entertainment industry, is doing 14 years into his debut.

Not many celebrities can be described as all-around entertainers. However, Jung Yong Hwa, the main vocalist of CNBLUE, is a star who fits this title.

jung yong hwa

In the highly competitive entertainment industry, it is difficult to succeed in one field, and Jung Yong Hwa is one of the few celebrities who do well in not only singing, and being part of a band, but also acting.

Jung Yong Hwa, who debuted in 2009, made his debut as an actor, not as a singer. In 2009, after making his face known through the SBS drama “You’re Beautiful”, he debuted with the band CNBLUE just 100 days later.

jung yong hwa

CNBLUE’s debut drew massive attention. This is because CNBLUE was a group with self-composed songs that were not common at the time, and Jung Yong Hwa participated in writing and composing almost all songs at the time.

Jung Yong Hwa was also loved by both men and women of all ages for his outstanding appearance and skills. He has been active in various entertainment shows since his debut, including the dating reality show “We Got Married,” in which he became the “fake husband” of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and received keen attention. 

jung yong hwa

Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun’s appearance drew much love from viewers. At that time, Jung Yong Hwa was 22 years old and Seohyun was 20 years old, the youngest couple on the show and both were members of top idol groups of their era.

At that time, Jung Yong Hwa’s relaxed and friendly charm captured the entire nation’s hearts. In fact, according to PD Woo Gyeol, filming outdoors was often difficult because people were gathering too much.

jung yong hwa

Jung Yong Hwa, who has been steadily walking on a successful road since “We Got Married”, recently introduced his self-management method in an interview.

Jung Yong Hwa has routines such as exercising, napping, and practicing other things. He said, “I like boxing and wrestling, so I go either way. I have to work out no matter what,” drawing surprise.

Source: Daum. 

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