Fans can’t believe this female celebrity will turn 30 next year

IU, who is loved as a singer and actress and nicknamed Korea’s “national younger sister,” will turn 30 next year. IU, who was born in 1993, has a baby face appearance as if she was a rookie who just debuted.

IU won the title of the “national younger sister” because she debuted at a young age and gained great popularity. IU made her solo debut in 2008 at the age of 15. With excellent singing skills enough to dominate the stage alone, the singer was given the title of “national younger sister” in 2010, two years later.

IU received attention for her duet song “Nagging” with Lim Seul-ong and made her face known through the variety show “Heros.” Then, her song “Good Day,” famous for its three high notes, becomes a national mega hit.


IU, who topped the list of singers in 2014 and 2017, achieved many things as a singer at the age of her early 20s. She was at the peak when receiving the Digital Daesang at the Golden Disc Awards for “Through the Night” in 2018. Since 2011, she has been working as an actress at the same time and has also stood out in this field.


IU, who showed her potential as an actress through the drama “Producer” in 2015, gained positive reviews for her consecutive acting in “My Mister” and “Hotel Del Luna.” The singer showed excellent performance in both fields and proved her talent as a national star.


IU, who was chubby and cute at the beginning of her debut, drew attention by showing off her slim body, starting with “Good Day. IU is selected as women’s wannabe style and is loved for her slender body and cute appearance. She is also mentioned as a representative celebrity for young people.

IU, who still has the same appearance as in her early 20s, is expected to show more mature singing and acting as she enters her 30s next year. Meanwhile, IU recently won the Best Female Artist category at the 2021 MAMA Awards.


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