Jung Sun-hee once complained “I’m angry that you are so pretty” after seeing this celeb in real life

Jo Yoon-hee shows off her outstanding appearance and clear facial features.  

When Jo Yoon-hee appeared on “Animal Farm”, Jung Sun-hee said, “It’s my first time seeing Jo Yoon-hee in person, but it’s annoying.”

She continued, “Her nose stood out like my mouth. How can it be so tall,” she said, “I want to live as Jo Yoon-hee in my next life,” drawing laughter.

Jo Yoon-hee

Jo Yoon-hee, the owner of an impressive visual, debuted as a model through street casting when she was in high school.

Singer Lee Soo-young‘s music video “I Believe” made her face known to the public.

Jo Yoon-hee

Jo Yoon-hee performed her stable acting skill in the dramas “My Husband Got A Family” and “Golden Fish”.

Cho Yoon-hee is continuing her activities on entertainment programs “The Dog I Encountered” and “Honki Club.”

Jo Yoon-hee

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