Soon to become Song Hye Kyo’s acting partner, Lee Do Hyun suddenly announced he wanted to be like Song Joong Ki

What Lee Do Hyun said is receiving much attention on SNS. 

During a recent interview with the media, Lee Do Hyun got the public’s attention after revealing what kind of acting role he wants to challenge.

Specifically, Lee Do Hyun hoped he would have a chance to play a role like that of Song Joong Ki from “Descendant Of The Sun” after finishing his military enlistment. To the actor, he claimed that an cannot maximize his charisma during acting if he hasn’t finished his military service. This got noticed by the netizen because Lee Do Hyun will soon join Song Hye Kyo for the project “The Glory”.

Lee Do Hyun

Before that, Lee Do Hyun’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment, has officially accepted the chance to work with Song Hye Kyo through this project. This is their first time to work with each other, which is why fans are highly anticipating this cooperation between 2 famous actors.

In recent times, Lee Do Hyun and Song Hye Kyo are in a competitive relationship.  It is known that Melancholia and Now, We Are Breaking Up starring them were broadcast at the same time.  However, the two dramas did not achieve impressive results as many expected.

The Glory

The Glory is about a high school student who dreams of becoming an architect.  However, she had to drop out of school after being bullied at school.  Years later, the tormentors get married and have a child.  The woman who was once a victim of school violence, is now the homeroom teacher of her tormentor’s child. Her cruel revenge plot begins in earnest.

The Glory was written by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook.  She is the person behind the success of a series of blockbusters such as Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, The Heir.


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