Netizens report “Marriage Hell” for suspected child sexual harassment, criticized Dr. Oh Eun Young for being silent

Controversy over child sexual harassment in “Marriage Hell” has grown out of control, leading to calls for the abolition of the program.

MBC’s entertainment program “Oh Eun Young’s Report Season 2: Marriage Hell” (hereinafter referred to as “Marriage Hell”), aired on Dec 19th, featured a remarried couple in their second year of marriage. This is the husband’s first marriage, and the second for the wife. The wife also has a 7-year-old daughter with her ex-husband.

The used to have conflicts due to differences in their parenting views. One time, the wife even reported her husband as a child abuser because he cursed and threw his glasses at her child because the little girl stepped on his glasses by mistake.

oh eun young marriage hell

Another scene is also drawing inconvenience from the viewers. The husband was seen hugging the child tightly between his legs and touching her body despite the little girl’s expression of strong discomfort. He also continued to make physical contact on her body under the guise of “medical injection play.”

In response to the controversial scene, Oh Eun Young said, “The stepdad should be more careful. Keeping the boundary of what he shouldn’t do is respect towards the child.” However, many started criticizing Oh Eun Young and the production team on MBC’s Viewers Communication Center Bulletin. They wrote, “I can’t sleep after watching that sexual harassment scene,” “It’s truly disgusting,” and “It’s more serious that broadcasting staffs aren’t aware of the sexual harassment scene,” which soon went viral on the online community as well. A netizen also certified that they had reported the case as domestic violence by using the smart national report to the National Police Agency.

The production team eventually deleted the controversial scene, but the scene in question has already spread online. Columnist and critic Wi Geun Woo also made bitter remarks about this. He said, “What is MBC’s Education Bureau thinking about? Yesterday’s broadcast raises our doubts about the fact that Dr. Oh Eun Young is silent on an issue that conscientious commoners can realize,” he pointed out.

oh eun young marriage hell

Wi Geun Woo said, “They are creating clickbait through terrestrial educational programs rather than the trashy YouTube content. This is why I must admit that marriage is not hell, but this world is hell.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Oh Eun Young’s Report: Marriage Hell” is a talkshow/documentary program in which Dr. Oh Eun Young observes couples’ daily lives while the couples also directly appear in the studio to share their concerns about marital conflicts. The show airs every Monday at 10:30 PM.

Source: Sports Chosun

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