Netizens’ reactions to the dating rumor of BTS Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi: There is one controversial detail

Only when Jungkook’s side denied the rumor of a romantic relationship between BTS Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi did many Korean netizens know about it. So how were their reactions?

Recently, BTS Jungkook was rumored to be dating actress Lee Yoo Bi, who used to play supporting roles in “Gu Family Book”, “Pinocchio”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, “Yumi’s Cells”, etc. However, this 1990-born actress is best known as the daughter of famous actress Kyeon Mi Ri, who played Lady Choi in the hit drama “Dae Jang Geum”.

The rumor was raised when a Youtuber revealed evidence, mostly ‘lovestagram’ hints, to prove the two’s romantic relationship. This video has rapidly gained half a million views on Youtube. In fact, this channel has recently uploaded malicious posts about KPOP idols. In particular, BTS V announced to sue this Youtuber for spreading false news on December 20th. However, the Youtuber didn’t seem to be scared or nervous about being sued, but he even showed a challenging attitude, expressing his happiness as his channel got noticed by BTS.

BTS Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi

Shortly after the rumor broke out, both Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi’s sides released their statements. Big Hit Music announced a short position to the media, saying, “This information is not true.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Bi’s agency also released a similar announcement and refuted the dating rumor. The actress’s representative said, “I have heard about this dating rumor several times. But as far as I know, she doesn’t even know Jungkook in person. I asked her about this before and she said she only knows SUGA. Receiving my question about the dating rumor, she only laughed. She laughed because this was obviously not true.”

BTS Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi

This is the second time within this year that BTS members have been involved in dating rumors. Previously, V was rumored to be dating a chaebol’s daughter only because he attended an exhibition. Now, it’s Jungkook’s turn. BTS’s maknae even did nothing but still got dragged in rumors. A similarity between these two situations is Big Hit Music’s quick response. Accordingly, Big Hit addressed the rumors before they actually took social media by storm. In fact, many netizens only knew about such rumors after seeing the company’s announcement. 

Similar to ARMYs, Korean netizens also expressed surprise about the dating rumors of Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi, and demanded that the company take drastic legal action against the Youtube channel, especially when V made it clear earlier that he would personally sue this Youtuber. 

Additionally, Lee Yoo Bi’s reps have also sparked controversy over their response to the rumors. Accordingly, aside from denying the dating reports, the actress’s agency added a detail that is deemed unnecessary in their statement, “Among BTS members, she only knows SUGA.” Many fans are annoyed that SUGA is suddenly brought up when he has nothing to do with the rumor in the first place. Netizens are divided over this response: Some claim Lee Yoo Bi’s reps were implicitly “showing off” that she knew SUGA, while some others find this normal because her agency only wanted to clarify the rumor. 

BTS Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi
Controversy erupted when Lee Yoo Bi’s agency, besides denying the dating news, mentioned another BTS’s member, SUGA 

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • I feel sorry for BTS members…
  • Am I the only one who found out about their dating rumors after the article was released?
  • I didn’t even know there were dating rumors between them. But why did they mention SUGA? The response is odd.
  • Big Hit’s response is loud and clear!
  • I’m a fan of BTS and I just found out about the dating rumors ㅋㅋ ㅋ
  • Did Lee Yoo Bi’s agency mean to say that she is not dating Jungkook but she is SUGA’s friend??? Isn’t it totally unnecessary?!
  • Leave BTS alone. Why are you guys doing this to Jungkook?
  • HYBE, I know you are busy selling weird webtoons, but sue that YouTube channel!
  • She only said that she knows SUGA. Why did Lee Yoo Bi do wrong to get scolded?
  • Dating rumors of Jungkook, V, Jimin and Suga on that YouTube channel are all untrue. HYBE should sue that YouTuber.
  • Why do they have to mention SUGA? That’s so annoying.
  • It’s the Youtuber that V wants to sue, right? Big Hit please take more drastic actions
  • Was it necessary to mention SUGA? Just denying the dating news is fine. I know Lee Yoo Bi just wanted to explain that she doesn’t know Jungkook personally, but suddenly including SUGA’s name, it’s like she’s showing off.
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