Ailee’s rumored boyfriend, streamer DDEDDE, seen at Ailee’s concert

Ailee’s rumored boyfriend – streamer DDEDDE – recently talked about his time at Ailee’s concert. 

DDEDDE recently did a LOL duo livestream broadcast on AfreecaTV with BJ Lee Sang-ho, on which Lee Sang-ho asked him about his time at Ailee’s concert the day before. 

DDEDDE ailee

DDEDDE then expressed his excitement, “It was really fun. It was awesome, really. I’m not even kidding. I know she is good at singing, but the moment I heard her live singing, I got goosebump”.

“When she sang “I’ll go to you like the first snow”, everyone all shed a tear. I know understand why people go to concerts”, said the streamer.

On the other hand, the rumour of DDEDDE and Ailee’s dating began as a “lovestagram” rumour when Ailee uploaded a capture of DDEDDE’s old broadcast. What started as a post on Ailee’s Instagram soon leads to both of them even doing livestreaming and singing together.

DDEDDE ailee

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