Netizens rank the acting performances of ‘Squid Game’ cast: Breakout star Jung Ho Yeon can’t surpass veteran actors

Are the performances of the cast of ‘Squid Game’ in the viral series considered excellent, impressive or.:. controversial? 

Netflix’s sensation, Korean hit thriller drama Squid Game has surpassed many Hollywood productions to become the most successful TV series in the world with 111 million viewers after 25 days. Not only attracting the viewers by the nerve-racking and gripping survival games, Squid Game also introduces the worldwide audience to an extremely quality cast, including both veteran and rising actors of Korea’s entertainment industry. Among the most outstanding characters of Squid Game, who have flawless acting performances, and who still needs to improve?


Wi Ha Joon as police officer Jun Ho

Although Wi Ha Joon is one of the most promising actors among the young cast of Squid Game, perhaps the handsome actor’s acting still has certain limitations. His portrayal of different emotions is not as diverse as his co-stars in the series. However, this can be explained by the fact that his character does not have a lot of screen time, thereby he lacks the opportunity to fully showcase his talent.  


Lee Yoo Mi as Ji Young

Despite playing a supporting character without appearing much over the course of the series, Lee Yoo Mi effortlessly wins the hearts of many viewers. She impresses the audience with her refreshing and adorable visual yet exudes some kind of sadness. Her most tear-jerking scene in Squid Game is probably when she sacrifices herself for Kang Sae Byeok. 

Tripathi Anupam as Ali

After taking on minor roles in several popular Korean dramas and movies, Tripathi Anupam finally had the opportunity to break through as an actor with his participation in Squid Game. His emotional performance makes viewers around the world feel sympathy and compassion for the character Ali. 


Kim Joo Ryung as Mi Nyeo

Before Squid Game, perhaps not many people were familiar with actress Kim Joo Ryung. Her appearance is not considered to match well with the Korean beauty standards, but she still successfully captivates the audience with her character Mi Nyeo, a feisty and comedic single mother who is willing to do anything to survive. Playing Mi Nyeo in Squid Game was the opportunity for Kim Joo Ryung to show off her impressive acting. Before the series came out, the actress had less than 500 followers on Instagram. Currently, this number has crossed 2 million.

Heo Sung Tae as Deok Soo

Heo Sung Tae continues to have a solid performance in Squid Game as the villainous and brutal gangster Deok Soo. The negative traits of Squid Game’s major antagonist are so well portrayed by the actor that the audience can’t believe their eyes when comparing Deok Soo’s appearance and personality with actor Heo Sung Tae in real life.

Jung Ho Yeon as Sae Byeok

By delivering an impressive performance, the character Kang Sae Byeok in Squid Game has become Jung Ho Yeon’s breakout role and taken her popularity as an actress to the next level. Although this is her debut role, she excellently shows many nuances of the character, from wit to fear and anxiety. Korean viewers also appreciate Jung Ho Yeon’s dedication to the role when she used both North Korean and South Korean accents in the drama. 


Park Hae Soo as Sang Woo

Actor Park Hae Soo has always been a popular name in Korea. This time, his character Sang Woo differs from his previous well-known role as a prisoner in Prison Playbook. The actor portrays the character Sang Woo as a “perfect” man, but he is also a “predator” who refuses to accept defeat. 

Lee Jung Jae as Gi Hun

Better than Park Hae Soo is Lee Jung Jae, who has always starred in action movies or played “super cool” roles. The actor does not need to show breathtaking action scenes in Squid Game, but his top-notch acting skills still drive the audience crazy. The actor perfectly captured Gi Hun’s image as a kind man who is also a loser in life. 

Oh Young Soo as Il Nam

Despite being the most hated character in Squid Game, Oh Il Nam was undoubtedly played by an excellent actor. The veteran male artist Oh Young Soo excellently portrays an elderly man who is both sincere and cunning in his outlook on life. In the Squid Game, he may be the actor with the best acting skills.

Bonus: Attractive

Gong Yoo as the “salesman” and Lee Byung Hun as the frontman

Despite their brief appearances, both of these actors made a strong impression on the audience, making viewers eager to see them again in the Squid Game. The allure of the two top stars in the Korean entertainment industry is enough to boost Squid Game’s reputation. 

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