IVE Ahn Yu-jin reveals “frequent thefts” in the dorm… “Who’s the culprit?”

Group IVE will reveal an episode of their dorm on “Knowing Bros”.

On JTBC’s “Knowing Bros“, which is scheduled to air on August 27th, IVE, who recently made a comeback, will appear as a whole. They prove their variety show skills like the “MZ generation’s wannabe icon” with their upbeat volubility as well as outspoken episodes and individual talents.

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In the broadcast, IVE complained that there are frequent thefts because they live together in the dorm. In particular, Ahn Yu-jin sharply began to detect the culprit at the scene, saying, “The protein bar that was put in the cupboard disappeared at some point.” Lee Soo-geun, who is known for his good hunch, asked, Leeseo, was it that delicious?” Leeseo, who could not hide her bewildered expression, revealed what happened at the dorm, drawing everyone’s attention.

IVE also made the older brothers nervous with their surprising skit skills in the second period “IVERAIN SURVIVOR”. Jang Won-young, who was fully immersed in the setting of “actress guaranteeing 10 million viewers”, will show off her hidden sense of humor by naturally answering unexpectedly questions from the older brothers. Besides, IVE will present the side of a super rookie with their perfect skills from games to dancing.

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IVE’s pleasant volubility and variety show skills can be found on “Knowing Bros”.

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