Netizens Mention Nana’s Full-body Tattoos Amid Controversy Over Han So-hee’s Face Piercings

Actress Han So-hee recently caused a stir by showing a new image with piercings on her face

On September 25th, Han So-hee turned on a live broadcast and communicated with fans. Revealing her lip piercings through a selfie not long ago, the actress once again drew attention by showing new piercings on her cheeks under her eyes.

Regarding the piercings, Han So-hee calmly said, “I just did what I wanted to do. Piercing was fun”. 

In fact, netizens are having mixed reactions regarding Han So-hee’s drastic transformation with piercings.

Many people raised concerns over the actress’s image, saying “Why did you get piercings on your face when you’re an actor?”, “I feel sorry for the staff who needs to fix her piercings”, “Piercings on the lips will make your pronunciation become unclear”, “Was there something wrong?”, etc.

On the other hand, some had positive opinions, such as “She’s not even a minor so it doesn’t matter”, “She looks cool and naughty”, “The piercings are pretty”, etc.


Amid the controversy, Nana, who previously made headlines for her full-body tattoos, is being mentioned again. With tattoos and piercings, both of them shocked the public with their shocking transformation out of a sudden. 

Nana proudly unveiled tattoos all over her body during the press conference for the film “Confession” in September last year. During the production presentation for Netflix’s original series “Glitch”, Nana explained, “I got the tattoos just because I wanted to do it”.

Not making any comments about tattoos after that, Nana recently appeared on “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night” and revealed that she was planning to erase the tattoos. 

Nana confessed, “Some people might think I’m dealing with emotion in an ignorant manner. I think tattoo was the only way to express my feelings at that time”, adding “My mom carefully asked me and said she wants to see my clean body”.

Source: Daum

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