Lizzy (former After School member) was demanded a sentence of 1 year in prison for causing an accident while drunk driving

According to the prosecutor, Lizzy’s blood alcohol content was 0.197% at the time of the accident.

During the first trial, singer and actress Lizzy (real name Park Soo Young, 29 years old), a former member of After School, shed tears and admitted her fault in the drunk driving accident. The Seoul Central District Court held the first trial for Lizzy on charges of violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of special crimes (such as causing injuries by dangerous driving).


Earlier, on May 18, at around 10:12 PM, Lizzy was caught hitting a taxi from behind when she was driving near the intersection of the southern end of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdamdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. At that time, the police conducted a sobriety test at the scene, and it turned out that Lizzy’s blood alcohol content exceeded 0.08%, which is the level that the driver’s license would be canceled.

After that, the police sent Lizzy to the prosecution on charges of drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act on May 27. On June 24, the prosecution indicted Lizzy on charges of causing injuries due to dangerous driving under the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of special crimes and drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act, without detention.

Prior to the trial, Lizzy apologized for her mistake through an Instagram live on September 14. During the live broadcast, she cried while saying, “I’m sorry for disappointing you. I’m really sorry. I wanted to put these thoughts into words, but somehow it didn’t work. My life is really over.”

Today, Lizzy headed to the court with her lawyer, wearing a black suit and a black mask.


In response to the prosecutor’s first mention of Lizzy’s charges, her lawyer replied that Lizzy acknowledged the facts and has been reflecting on herself. Therefore, the court immediately closed the argument.

On the same day, the prosecutor demanded the court to send Lizzy to 1 year in prison. It was because Lizzy’s blood-alcohol level reached 0.197% at the time she caused the accident.

When giving her final statement, Lizzy read the words she wrote on a piece of paper, saying, “I apologize to the driver for causing bad damage”. Lizzy added, “I also apologize to the innocent citizens who could have been harmed by my action. I always thought drunk driving is bad, but at that moment, I had made a wrong judgment and committed a crime”. She continued, “I promise that unpleasant things like this will never happen again. I will not disappoint everyone anymore. I’m scared of myself, but I feel scarier about coming here for a trial. I will not come here because of incidents ever again. I will live a life being a kind person.”


Lizzy’s lawyer also stated, “The defendant was accidentally driving under the influence of alcohol. However, she is reflecting on herself for causing a stir in society. She apologized to the victim who suffered the damages and has been doing volunteer for abandoned dogs recently. Drunk drinking is a serious crime, but we are firmly determined to prevent a recurrence. Please consider the defendant’s action as a young person and an entertainer.”

Meanwhile, Lizzy’s past remarks on drunk driving have been recalled after this incident. After the trial, Lizzy rushed out of the court with her lawyer and kept on repeating “I’m sorry” to reporters’ questions.

Source: Daum

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