Netizens found out the identity of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend: A beautiful and well-educated weather broadcaster

At the moment, Choi has already deleted and hidden all her SNS accounts. Since her personal information was revealed, her life has been affected.

The scandal of a rising actor Kim Seon-ho, who forced his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion, has made headlines on all social sites during the past few days. Recently, Kim Seon-ho admitted all his faults, and the identity of his ex was also revealed. Netizens have found out that she is Choi Young Ah, who used to be a KBS weather broadcaster. Not only does Choi Young Ah have a beautiful face, but she also owns an admirable physique and a good taste in fashion.

Choi Young Ah was born in 1985. She graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in the French Language. She started her career as a weather broadcaster for YTN before transferring to KBS. When Choi Young Ah was still active in the industry, she was admired for her 1.70-meter height and perfect body.

No article mentioned Choi Young Ah as Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend – A, who posted the accusation. However, her identity was revealed when an anonymous netizen commented under A’s post on the morning of October 19th, saying, “Isn’t she Choi XX who has already quitted her job at XXX?“. Since then, A’s personal information began to spread all over the place on the Internet.

In fact, netizens even found out that she is raising a puppy named by combining her and Kim Seon-ho’s names. Articles claiming the announcer as Kim Seon-ho’s ex and the author of the accusation have spread widely online. Even unconfirmed articles related to A’s family background are being discussed everywhere online, raising serious concerns about the damages of an identity reveal.

After A exposed actor K, reporters tried to contact Kim Seon-ho, but he refused to answer. However, on the morning of October 20th, Kim Seon-ho posted a long message and delivered his apology, “I want to apologize to A.”

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