Netizens believe that the face of a Red Velvet member has changed after the injury

Returning after the injury, netizens thought that the face of the Red Velvet member looked different.  Some people even think she had undergone plastic surgery

After a year of rest from injury at the year-end SBS event, Wendy gradually returned to the group’s activities.  Red Velvet member dishes on the role as host for the variety show Mysterious Record Shop.  But after the show aired, a part of netizens realized some strange points on Wendy’s face.  An article on Pann had the subject: “Wendy had plastic surgery on her nose?”  attracts a lot of attention.  The writer of the article said that Wendy’s face was swollen, especially the strange bridge of her nose.

This post made Red Velvet fans extremely angry because it took more than a year for Wendy to return to work after experiencing a serious accident but she was still body-shaming.  Fans said that the female idol had a serious injury to her face, requiring surgery.  that is why her appearance becomes different.  Many netizens also disagree with the opinion that disparages Wendy’s appearance.

Some comments: “She broke her nose and cheekbones and fractured her hip when she fell from the stage.”,   “As a fan of Wendy, actually this post made me cry. She is a healthy person but fell from a height of 2m. Wendy has to have rehabilitation surgery, not plastic surgery.  She is a person who is very hardworking and treats fans well. Please don’t talk about her looks. As a fan, I am always afraid that Wendy will be hurt by negative comments”, “ Wendy has been badly injured so her face has been affected”,…

Wendy was seriously injured after the accident, other Red Velvet members revealed that the female idol had to lie motionless on the bed for months and also had difficulties in eating and drinking.  The female idol’s recovery is precious to fans, so they get angry when the female idol is criticized for her appearance.  With the return of Wendy, Red Velvet announced plans to promote with the full 5-member lineup.

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