Moon So Ri and Ra Mi Ran to join new drama “Jeongnyeoni”, completing an explosive cast

The casting news of Moon So Ri and Ra Mi Ran is raising fans’ expectations for the upcoming drama “Jeongnyeoni”

According to an exclusive report by Star News on June 14th, actresses Moon So Ri and Ra Mi Ran recently confirmed their appearance in the new drama “Jeongnyeoni”.

Serialized in 2019, “Jeongnyeoni” is a popular webtoon that revolves around a women’s theater. Set in 1950, the drama version is a period drama about Yoon Jeong Nyeon, a girl from Mokpo who has nothing and learns nothing but dreams of becoming rich. The story unfolds when she enters a women’s theater group to fulfill her dream.

According to media reports, Moon So Ri and Ra Mi Ran are expected to appear as members of the women’s theater group. Currently, Kim Tae Ri and Shin Ye Eun are positively considering the main characters Yoon Jeong Nyeon and Heo Yeong Seo, respectively.

kim tae ri

It has also been reported that Kim Hieora, who left a deep impression on viewers with her acting performance in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, is also reviewing the casting offer to join the project as a member of the women’s theater group.

Hearing this news, drama fans expressed excitement about the casting of many amazing actresses.

shin ye eun

Netizens reacted, “I’m amazed by the casting for ‘Jeongnyeoni’. How could they get such an excellent cast? I’m already excited to see the drama”, “Just by looking at the cast, I know it would be a masterpiece”, “How could they cast all of them?”, “How could they gather Kim Tae Ri, Shin Ye Eun, Moon So Ri, Ra Mi Ran, and Kim Hieora in one drama?”, “The casting for ‘Jeongnyeoni’ is so awesome”, “When I heard the casting news, I thought it was a lie”, and so on.

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