MOMOLAND Jane, “I’ve never met SEVENTEEN Joshua and I know nothing about the stories in that rumor”

MOMOLAND member Jane explained the rumor of her being SEVENTEEN Joshua’s ex-girlfriend.

MOMOLAND Jane recently left a message on a fan community, “I searched my name again today”.

She continued, “I’m very uncomfortable and cautious that I don’t know what to say. At least I want to say something to my fans, so I’m gaining my courage to write this down”, adding “Everyone, I’ve been active in the entertainment industry for quite a long time until now but I’ve never met the mentioned person. I’ve never met anyone around him and we have no connection at all”.

Jane momoland

The person Jane mentioned here is SEVENTEEN Joshua. Jane confessed, “I can’t understand why such stories continue to spread even now, after such a long time . I don’t know anything about what people are saying”, adding “I already knew about the rumor a long time ago, and back then, my company even misunderstood me because they received so many calls from fans.”

She added, “Since then, whenever it gets mentioned, I always put my hand on my chest and tried to calm myself that I did nothing wrong to be embarrassed and just let it pass. However, as I stayed quiet, many people believed that the rumor was true. I really don’t like it when people misunderstand me. I’m feeling very upset and unfair. That’s why I want to talk about it now.”


Earlier on August 8th, a netizen on Nate Pann posted an article titled “But this is not the first time Joshua gets caught dating”. The netizen claimed, “Fans who liked SEVENTEEN at that time would know that he was dating a girl group member back then”, adding “At a year-end award ceremony, that girl group (MOMOLAND) performed and whenever it came to that member (Jane)’s part, SEVENTEEN members would look at Joshua. Also, when both the girl group and SEVENTEEN were in the audience seats and that member went out to the waiting room, Joshua noticed that so he immediately followed her. Later, in the reality show of the girl group, the doll in her room was found to be the same as the doll in Joshua’s room at SEVENTEEN’s dorm.”

After reading Jane’s message, netizens commented, “Jane must have been very upset”, “She must have had a hard time after getting dragged in the case for no reason”, “Fans called the company? She must have felt so unfair”, “I hope they would stop mentioning her”, “Seems like there were many extreme fans”, etc.

Source: Nate 

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