The story of Han Ji-min and Jung Eun-hye, who has Down Syndrome, in “Our Blues” made the viewers sob… Their real-life friendship also draws attention

Daily photos of actress Han Ji-min and painter Jung Eun-hye, who play sisters in the drama “Our Blues”, made headlines.

On May 24th, the production team of tvN’s drama “Our Blues” released behind-the-scenes photos of episode 14. In the 14th episode of “Our Blues”, which aired on May 22nd, Lee Young-ok’s twin sister Young-hee (Jung Eun-hye) appeared and became a hot topic with the impression she left on the viewers.

Episode 14 shows Young-ok introducing Young-hee to her fellow haenyeos and Park Jung-joon (Kim Woo-bin) for the first time. After the broadcast, netizens poured out compliments for the way “Our Blues” portrayed the character with Down Syndrome realistically without exaggeration. They commented, “I cried when I watched the broadcast then cried again when reading the comments”, “Wow, I did cry a lot”, “This one drama makes me feel like watching the documentary ‘This is Life’ several times”, etc.

our blues
our blues

The reason why the viewers got emotional was that Jung Eun-hye is actually a person who has Down Syndrome. Jung Eun-hye, who plays the role of Young-hee, who dreams of becoming an artist, in the drama, is a caricature artist who draws people’s faces in real life. In addition, she starred in the 2005 movie “Seaside Flower” and the 2006 movie “If You Were Me 2” as the main character.

The behind cuts of episode 14 released by the production team of “Our Blues” also included friendly moments of Han Ji-min and Jung Eun-hye. The two showed off their close friendship by sticking to each other all the time during the filming break. 

Han Ji-min can also be seen on the Facebook account of Jung Eun-hye. Among the photos she posted, the one in which she was holding Kim Woo-bin’s hand affectionately caught the eyes of netizens. The viewers showed enthusiastic reactions to Jung Eun-hye’s happy moments with Han Ji-min and other actors.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Our Blues” is a drama that shows support for the sweet and bitter life of people standing at the beginning, climax, or end of life. It is written by Noh Hee-kyung, who created tvN’s dramas “Live”, “The Most  Beautiful Goodbye”, “Dear My Friends”, etc. 

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