Mnet’s ‘evil editing’ caused a buzz again: did Kim Chaehyun actually make a mistake when covering Black Mamba?

Kim Chaehyun initially gave a good performance, but it was Mnet who ruined it with ‘evil editing’.

In episode 1 of ‘Girls Planet 999’, Kim Chaehyun, former SM trainee, and other members of the ‘Cuties’ team chose to perform aespa’s ‘Black Mamba.’ Netizens all thought these trainees were very risky when choosing aespa’s debut song since it requires a wide vocal range and the ability to hit high notes. Kim Chaehyun, in particular, took on one of the song’s most challenging parts, which was Ningning’s impressive high note. 

Used to be a trainee under SM, Chaehyun showed her pretty good vocal ability when performing previous parts, but she cracked it when performing the high note.

However, it is only what Mnet showed us, and the reality is quite different. Despite not hitting the high notes perfectly, in the newly released unedited video, Kim Chaehyun did not make a significant mistake like what was shown in the official Mnet’s video. 

Many fans believed Kim Chaehyun is a “victim” of Mnet’s evil editing technique. Mnet most likely edited Chaehyun’s high-note performance to make it appear as if she had made a serious mistake. Meanwhile, listeners, who aren’t paying attention, will ignore Kim Chaehyun’s small mistake when watching the full version.

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Mnet even purposefully showed the judges’ dissatisfied expressions, giving the impression that Chaehyun had made a bad performance when, in fact, she was merely a victim.

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