MC Mong got caught trying to leave for the U.S with 70,000 USD in cash. Why did he carry along such a huge amount of cash?

What did MC Mong want to do with that amount of money after leaving Korea?

Singer MC Mong was caught by customs officials while trying to depart without declaring his amount of 70,000 USD in cash.

SBS’s “8 News” exclusively reported this news on April 13th.

MC Mong

According to 8 News, MC Mong was caught having 70,000 USD in his bag while doing the procedures at Incheon International Airport before leaving for L.A in mid-March.

According to the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act, you must declare to the customs office when entering or leaving a country with more than 10,000 USD. MC Mong was later investigated for violating the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act and handed over to the prosecution on the 1st of this month for indictment.

MC Mong

Regarding this, MC Mong’s side said, “It was the amount of money he intended to use to sign with a studio for music works in the U.S. He packed receipts to declare it, but couldn’t do so by mistake because he was so busy with the departure procedures”.

MC Mong also made a post on his SNS on the afternoon of the same day, saying, “Three weeks ago, I tried to enter the U.S with 70,000 USD in expenses to film a documentary with a total of 10 staff, including 4 Koreans and other local staff in the U.S. I also intended to use the amount for the process of writing songs, organizing sessions on the spot and completing the songs, as well as accommodation costs, studio rental and meals for 15 days. Meetings to discuss outfits and a few things were scheduled in the U.S”.

MC Mong

He added, “In the process of receiving first-guest service with a rush to get on the plane, I passed the migration but accidentally forgot to declare 70,000 USD”, adding, “During the investigation, I explained in detail the expense for all the staff on this trip, and even showed them the receipts I brought to declare together with my passport. However, there was no other chance for me to declare it again. It was due to my mistake that everything has been delayed”.

MC Mong said, “I admit my ignorance and stupidity for failing to declare it while holding all the confirmation receipts I received from the bank employee. I admit my mistake, so please refrain from over-interpreting it. I unconditionally acknowledge it and sincerely apologize.”

MC Mong

Meanwhile, in 2010, MC Mong was handed over to trial on charges of dodging military service and was acquitted by the Supreme Court. However, he was found guilty of delaying his enlistment by submitting only an application to the civil service examination and not taking the exam. He ended up being sentenced to six months in prison and one year of probation.

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