Will Kim Seon Ho achieve a successful movie debut with “The Childe” after personal life controversy?

Actor Kim Seon Ho is making his big screen debut with “The Childe”. 

At the press conference of the upcoming movie “The Childe” held on May 22nd, Kim Seon Ho apologized for the personal life controversy surrounding his ex-girlfriend and expressed his excitement about meeting the audience again. Attention is now focused on whether Kim Seon Ho will achieve a successful big screen debut.


Directed by Park Hoon Jung who is known for “The Witch”, “New World”, “V.I.P.”, and “Night in Paradise”, “The Childe” is an action movie that tells the story of various forces, including an unidentified male ghost, appearing in front of Marco, a boxer with a complicated past. 

Director Park Hoon Jung said about the differences of “The Childe” from his previous films, “You will feel that this film is a bit faster than my previous films. It’s a speedy movie with a lot of pace. While filming, I tried to reduce the darkness a lot, so I think it won’t be as tiring as my previous movies.”

Kim Seon Ho takes on the role of an unidentified man known as the “nobleman” who relentlessly pursues Marco (Kang Tae Joo). He perfectly portrays the character’s details, such as his pomade hairstyle and neat suit attire. He also flawlessly handles car chases, wirework, and gunfight action.

Kim Seon Ho rose to fame after playing the second male lead in tvN’s drama “Start-Up” in 2020. In 2021, he landed a successful lead role in tvN’s “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” before facing a controversy over his personal life. This resulted in him being removed from various TV appearances and advertisements. 


Despite stepping down from projects like “Dog Days” and “2 O’Clock Date”, Kim Seon Ho still participated in “The Childe”.

Kim Seon Ho introduced his character as someone who suddenly appears as a madman, chasing after Marco, destroying everything in his path.

Kim Seon Ho explained the reason for choosing a pomade hairstyle and a neat suit for the character, saying, “The common opinion I shared with the director was that we wanted the character to look neat.” 

He added, “We wanted to portray the character with a clean and gentlemanly visual, both in clothing and hairstyle. Even in serious moments or during shooting action scenes, the character would prepare neatly by looking at himself in the mirror. I tried to express that this character is not normal by contrasting a serious moment of shooting a gun with a lighthearted and enjoyable demeanor.


Kim Seon Ho also expressed his gratitude for making his movie debut. He said, “I feel nervous and excited” and sincerely thanked director Park Hoon Jung for casting him. 

Regarding the reason for casting Kim Seon Ho, director Park Hoon Jung explained, “The character itself has a cold, ruthless side as well as a playful and humorous side. It’s an attractive character in various ways, having multiple faces. I found the face that matches the character in Kim Seon Ho.”

When asked about the decision to cast Kim Seon Ho despite the controversy surrounding his personal life, director Park Hoon Jung responded, “If I hadn’t considered it, it would be a lie. But there was no alternative, and now I think it was a good decision.


Kang Tae Joo, who plays Marco, went through rigorous training to master English lines and also trained extensively to portray the action scenes in the film, including boxing sequences.

Kang Tae Joo mentioned feeling both nervous and honored joining the cast of “The Childe”. He put in a lot of effort in each scene. 

Go Ara, who plays Yoon Ju, a character involved with Marco after a chance traffic accident in the Philippines, mentioned receiving a lot of energy and help from Kang Tae Joo, and she felt a thrilling sense of reality while observing his immersion in emotions during filming.


Go Ara also described “The Childe” as a chase action film where all characters run from the beginning to the end. She praised the film’s appeal.

Kim Kang Woo plays Han Isa, a persistent second-generation chaebol who relentlessly pursues Marco, adding to the conflicts in the story. Kim Kang Woo said that this role was his favorite among the villains he has played and described Han Isa as a charismatic character with intense eyes and unpredictable behavior.


Kim Kang Woo expressed his appreciation for the script and acknowledged that it was difficult to define “The Childe” with a single genre. He said that the film had a simple premise but couldn’t be easily categorized. He encouraged the audience to watch the film and witness the mysterious characters for themselves.

“The Childe” will be released in theaters on June 21.

Source: Daum. 

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