MBTI of 6 NMIXX members are revealed as extroverts, “Please look forward to our unexpected charms”  

New girl group NMIXX showed off its unexpected charm.   

At an online showcase to commemorate the release of its first single “AD MARE” on March 1st, NMIXX said about its self-made content plan, “We want to have fun content to show NMIXX’s unexpected charm.”


Member Jiwoo said, “Our images and appearances during the performance and below the stage are different,” adding, “All the first letters of our MBTI are E except for Sullyoon. We’re an extroverted group. I want to do a reality content that shows the bright and energetic image of NMIXX,” raising fans’ expectations.


Bae then introduced herself, “I’m an ENFP, I’m an atmosphere maker who can make everyone laugh in any situation,” and released a behind-the-scenes story at the music video shooting for the group’s title song. Bae said, “I had to film a scene where I need to imagine marine creatures floating in a donut shop. The director asked, “Do you have a favorite seafood?” and I replied, “I like octopus!” He then advised me to act while imagining octopus. I filmed the scene while looking into the air, saying, ‘Octopus sounds delicious!’ The members laughed loudly at me and I think we all relaxed together after that,” she said vividly about the music video filming site.


Regarding the determination the members made before their debut, Sullyoon said, “We talked the most about how nervous we were and couldn’t imagine how our first performance would go,” adding, “We decided on a fighting slogan to shout before the stage and all agree on saying ‘let’s enjoy this together’.”


Leader Hae-won talked a lot about “Let’s be healthy.” “We talked about understanding each other and helping each other while sharing many moments to come,” she said, boasting strong teamwork.

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