MBC shocked everyone with their announcement of making a “copy” of BTS soon.

BTS became the role model for MBC to produce a new talented idol group

In these two years, BTS has become a phenomenon of Korean showbiz. Not to mention how hard their situation had been in the past, BTS’s current success is desirable even to idols from Big3. Many entertainment experts and economists have studided every information related to BTS and BigHit to detect the formula of their successfulness.

Recently, the Korean media reported that MBC will hold a new music variety show. They’re looking for new talents to create a group which is similar to BTS. The participants will be teenagers who have a passion for music.

Their request is that every member in the group must be talented in at least one field: vocal, rapping, choreography and producing. Unlike “Produce48”, MBC doesn’t want to create an ordinary idol group. Instead, the new group must include skillful rookies who have their own point of view about life. Right now, their program directors are actively seeking talents from Korean highschools. The show is set to air in this fall.

This announcement is causing mixed opinions on SNS. Some K-pop fans said that they shouldn’t put a new group of young talents under the shadow of the BTS to pressure them to the point that they may lose their own identity. But there are also a lot of people who’re expecting that MBC will be able to create a high-quality boygroup the K-pop market, which has been oversaturated.

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