Shocked by the news of her daughter’s remarriage with a Korean celebrity, Barbie Hsu’s mother even had to take medication to calm herself down

Answering an interview with the media, Barbie Hsu’s mother expressed her frustration about her daughter’s marriage with DJ Koo.

The whole Korean-Chinese showbiz has been in great shock as “Meteor Garden” Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Xu Xiyuan) suddenly announced her marriage with Koo Jun-yup (DJ Koo) earlier today (March 3rd). The two are each other’s first love and they used to date for about 1 year from 1999 to 2000. Although the two had not met each other for over 2 decades, Barbie Hsu called DJ Koo and shared her stories with him after divorcing Wang Xiaofei. In the end, the actress agreed to DJ Koo’s proposal.

Barbie Hsu’s mother

Taiwanese media immediately contacted Mrs. Huang Chunmei, Barbie Hsu’s mother, to ask for her thoughts on this issue. Mrs. Huang revealed that Barbie Hsu had just confessed to her about the remarriage issue last night (March 7th). She got mad at her daughter’s decision and her blood pressure suddenly went too high to the point that she had to take medication to calm herself down. “Barbie didn’t tell me about her remarriage beforehand, so I was greatly shocked by the news”, Mrs. Huang said she had a quarrel with her daughter and they are currently not talking to each other. 

Koo Jun-yeop-Seo Hee-won

When asked if she accepts Barbie’s Korean husband, Mrs. Huang answered with an uncomfortable attitude, “I have nothing to say, I don’t know anything about him. Don’t ask me. I’m okay as long as my daughter is happy. That’s her husband, not mine”.

Barbie Hsu’s mother

The reporter continued to ask how she feels about the rumors of DJ Koo bringing Barbie Hsu to Korea to live with him, Mrs. Huang immediately expressed her disapproval, “No way, that’s impossible! Barbie will not do such a crazy thing. Who is going to take care of her children?”. Regarding DJ Koo’s plan of coming to Taiwan to introduce himself to the family, Mrs. Huang said, “It depends on whether I feel comfortable to meet him or not”.

Barbie Hsu’s mother

It seems like Barbie Hsu’s mother is still angry until now. She added, “I don’t know anything about that Korean man. My daughter has never told me anything about her marriage plans. She didn’t inform me of her marriage with Wang Xiaofei either. I haven’t even met Xiaofei. The same situation happens again”. After calming down, she continued, “I can’t do anything. I hope my daughter is happy. She is not young anymore, she also needs someone by her side”. When asked about Barbie Hsu’s plan after her remarriage, Mrs. Huang replied, “I don’t know anything. I also don’t want to know and ask her about that”.

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