The drama-like love story of producer Koo Jun-yup and Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu who recently announced their marriage

Clon’s Koo Jun-yup (53 years old) and Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (46 years old) will get married. It is said that their love story was like a drama.

According to TVDaily’s reports on March 8th, Koo Jun-yup recently registered his marriage with Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu. Apart from this, the two plan to issue a local report in Taiwan about their marriage in mid-March.

The love story of Koo Jun-yup and Barbie Hsu was literally like a drama. They met again after such a long time like fate. The two met each other for the first time more than 20 years ago. At that time, they were in desperate love with each other. Appearing on “Radio Star” in the past, Koo Jun-yup said, “I dated Barbie Hsu for about a year. At the invitation of Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su, I once appeared on the stage of her concert. Barbie Hsu fell in love with me after watching my performance. That’s how we started dating. Barbie Hsu also had a tattoo of the word ‘Koo’, as a proof of her love”.

Koo Jun-yeop-Seo Hee-won

However, the two had no choice but to suffer a heartbreaking breakup. After then, Barbie Hsu married Wang Xiaofei, and Koo Jun-yup decided to keep a distance from her to protect his past love.

After many years, the two were able to meet each other again after Koo Jun-yup took all his courage and contacted her. Koo Jun-yup, who accidentally heard the news of Xu Xiyuan’s divorce, called her to ask how she was, and as of this day, a pink mood began to appear between the two.

Koo Jun-yeop-Seo Hee-won

“I was nervous if she would answer the phone, but she greeted me so warmly. As soon as I heard her voice, I felt as if I had gone back to 20 years ago,” said Koo Jun-yup, recalling that time, “We stayed in touch for months. I really wanted to see her, but I couldn’t enter Taiwan unless I was a family member due to the pandemic.”

Koo Jun-yup revealed how he proposed to Barbie Hsu, “Then I got the courage first. I suggested, ‘How about becoming a family before it’s too late?’ That’s the only way we can see each other. Then she gladly told me she liked it too. There was no need to meet separately because she already knew everything. That’s how I decided to get married not long ago, and I even finished registering the marriage.”

Koo Jun-yeop-Seo Hee-won

Koo Jun-yup is set to depart for Taiwan to meet Barbie Hsu, who is now his wife, and plans to return after a few months of honeymoon. As he is about to leave the country, Koo Jun-yup added, “The situation right now makes me cautious, but I am happy. I hope that many people give us blessings.”

Barbie Hsu is famous in Korea for her role as the female lead Dong Shancai in the Taiwanese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Since then, she has continued acting by appearing in dramas such as ‘Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story’.

Koo Jun-yup is currently active as a DJ and artist, and recently published a limited edition NFT artwork in partnership with Kakao Ground X Clip Drops.

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