Jennie’s leg injury flared in the middle of a concert, raising concerns

Fans express worries after BLACKPINK Jennie showed signs of a leg injury during a world tour stop.

BLACKPINK is currently in the process of performing concerts in different nations around the world. To deliver an excellent 2 or 3 hour performance, BLACKPINK has to prepare for ages in advance, and pull out 100% of their efforts. However, recently, at their tour stop in Hamilton, fans can’t help but express worries when Jennie showed signs of a leg injury.

BLACKPINK is currently in the process of performing around the world

In particular, a fancam on TikTok shows Jennie sitting down in the middle of performing, before hugging her leg in pain. The female idol was also unable to resume the performance immediately, and had to sit for a while to gather her strength.

blackpink jennie
Jennie suddenly stopped dancing because of pain
blackpink jennie
Jennie had to sit down in the middle of performing

Nevertheless, Jennie withstood the pain, put on a smile, and stood up again. She even waved at fans as if to reassure them, before moving to the back to fix her shoes. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie smiled at fans despite feeling pain

Lisa, who discovered Jennie’s issue, seemed to have approached and asked if Jennie was fine. She then continued to dance after finding Jennie to be well, though her gaze was still full of concerns. 

blackpink jennie
BLACKPINK members show a lot of care towards each other 

Seeing Jennie’s pain, fans can’t help but show worries. In fact, this was not the first time Jennie suffered from health issues, and audiences hoped that this was not a recurring injury of hers. Some others, however, believed that Jennie probably just got a muscle strain or shoe issues, and pointed out that the female idol walked fine after stopping. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie once had a leg injury after performing in Japan
The female idol even had to wear a cast
blackpink jennie
Her leg injury once caused Jennie to having to use crutches to move around

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Jennie has never been extremely health
  • I’m worried but how they take care of each other is heartwarming
  • I hope it’s not Jennie’s old injury acting up again 
  • She probably danced too hard, causing a jolt and great pain in the ankle
blackpink jennie
Fans express concerts for BLACKPINK’s health
blackpink jennie
Jennie has always shown her full energy during stage performances 
jennie blackpink world tour
The female idol never fail to exude a positive energy 

Earlier, fans of BLACKPINK also grew worried after noticing a lump on Jisoo’s neck. Nevertheless, the entire group still performs with professionalism on stage, and never complaining about their weakness nor pain. In the end, YG Entertainment had to speak up and affirm that there is nothing wrong with Jisoo’s health. 

Jisoo blackpink thumbnail
The lump on Jisoo’s neck caused fans to worry. 

Hopefully, all BLACKPINK members will be in stellar health throughout their ongoing world tour. 

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