Viewers furious over SBS’s treatment of “One Dollar Lawyer” despite the drama’s high ratings 

SBS’s “One Dollar Lawyer” led by Namgoong Min, who is known as a drama rating guarantee, has given viewers an overwhelming sense of immersion since episode 1, raising expectations for the birth of an all-time hit. It premiered to a rating of 8.1%, reached 10% in episode 3, exceeded the highest rating of 15% in episode 8, and even surpassed the 20% mark. 

However, “One Dollar Lawyer”, which was on the rise, started to creak as it entered the second half of its run. SBS suddenly canceled episode 9, which was scheduled to air on October 21st, and released a special episode that consisted of highlights from episodes 1 to 8. After that, the drama’s broadcasts on Friday were canceled for three consecutive weeks from October 28th to November 4th, without any particular reason. It seems like a Friday-Saturday drama has become a Saturday-Sunday drama. If you add up the last episode to air on November 11th, the drama has only aired once a week for 4 weeks in a row.

Moreover, “One Dollar Lawyer” will end with 12 episodes instead of 14 episodes like the original plan. The production crew said, “We have decided to end the series with 12 episodes for a fast-paced and high-quality development,” making viewers disappointed. 

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It is also unusual in the industry for a drama that is gaining popularity to be canceled continuously and even be shortened suddenly. On the viewers’ bulletin board, criticisms surface, saying, “What is the reason for SBS to keep canceling the broadcast when the ratings are high?”

Moreover, “One Dollar Lawyer” is also frowned upon by viewers with its excessive PPL. The flow is already cut off due to frequent broadcast cancellations. And now, blatant advertisements such as coffee, steamed chicken, health functional foods, and Yangdaechang brands have continued to appear, making viewers uncomfortable and hindering their immersion in the drama.

Viewers left comments, “Is the cancellation fun for SBS? I don’t understand why this is happening,” “Why are you doing this to a drama with high ratings?,” “The drama could have come out better,” “Why are you treating a drama with high ratings like this?,” “Are you canceling the broadcast to add more PPL?,” “It’s a waste of the actors.”

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“One Dollar Lawyer” ratings are also continuing to decline.  The ratings, which soared to 15.% in episode 8, recorded 14.6% in episode 9, 13.7% in episode 10, and 13.6% in episode 11.

“One Dollar Lawyer” is being treated badly even though it is a hit that saved the situation of SBS’s drama ratings, which were in the swamp of sluggishness. The drama was supposed to have ended earlier, but has not been able to end due to the reckless continuous cancellations of SBS. The 12-episode drama premiered in September but there is still one episode left in the second week of November. It is unclear whether “One Dollar Lawyer” will be able to wrap up successfully.

Source: Nate 

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