“Marry My Husband” Director Explains Why BoA Was Cast as the Villain in the Latter Part

tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Marry My Husband' has successfully come to an end

Following the finale, the production team of ‘Marry My Husband

‘ released an interview with director Park Won-guk and writer Shin Yoo-dam. The interview covered various topics from the planning process of the drama to behind-the-scenes stories and the secrets of its popularity, which many viewers were curious about.

The interview drew particular attention as it included discussions about BoA, who appeared as the villain Oh Yuram in the latter part of ‘Marry My Husband’.

boa-marry my husband

“If Lee Yi-kyung and Song Ha-yoon were active as villains in the first half, the atmosphere shifted when BoA was newly cast as a villain in the latter half. Viewers are curious about why BoA was cast as Oh Yura, and what aspects were considered to fit well with the role of Oh Yura,” Director Park Won-guk was asked.

Director Park commented, “We were looking for an actor with such a strong presence and charisma that viewers would react with ‘Why is that actor appearing there?’ when Oh Yura first appears on the scene.”

He further added, “We thought that BoA, with her infinite charm and charisma strong enough to overpower everyone around her, was suitable to play Oh Yura.”

Marry My Husband-BoA

Previously, when BoA appeared in the latter part of ‘Marry My Husband’, negative reactions poured in. While there were fans who welcomed BoA’s return to acting with joy, many criticized her acting.

After the final episode of ‘Marry My Husband’ aired on February 20th, unlike other actors, BoA did not share any thoughts. Instead, she updated her Instagram on February 21st with several mirror selfies taken in the practice room.

Source: wikitree

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