MAMA 2018 after 1st week: 18 temporary awards winners, corresponding to 18 categories

Those have been considered the best results for this year’s MAMA.

It has bee a week since MAMA 2018‘s voting took place (November 1), the public was able to witness the power of Kpop fandoms in the race to  help their idols win the most expected awards at the end of the year. The results below reflect the current rankings for the 18 categories nominated.

Best New Male Artist: Stray Kids – 53.24%

Best New Female Artist: (G)I-DLE – 54.76%

Best Male Group: BTS – 47.51%

Best Female Group: BLACKPINK – 30.07%

Best Male Artist: Zico – 37.44%

Best Female Artist: IU – 40.83%

Best Dance Performance Solo: Sunmi “Siren” – 36.68%

Best Dance Performance Male Group: BTS “Fake Love” – ​​46.96%

Best Dance Performance Female Group: BLACKPINK “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” – 33.43%

Best Vocal Performance Solo: Heize “Didn’t Know Me” – 40.51%

Best Vocal Performance Group: iKON “Love Scenario” – 34.95%

Best Band Performance: DAY6 “Shoot Me” – 58.85%

Best Hip Hop & Urban Music: Zico “Soulmate” (ft. IU) – 29.44%

Best Unit Group: Wanna One Triple Position “Kangaroo” – 30.56%

Best Music Video: BTS “IDOL” – 45.46%

Best OST: SEVENTEEN “A-TEEN” – 38.12%

Song of the Year: BTS “Fake Love” – ​​40.20%

In general, the first week’s results often reflect the fandom’s level of interest in the award ceremony. It will take more than 4 weeks to finalize the list of the most voted ones and in fact, the final results of voting is not always easy to guess because most of fandoms try their best on last days.

In a related event, the results of MAMA 2018 were even more vague than before, when the organizers did not publish the exact number but converted the votes into percentage. The question of transparency, honest votes again made many fans hesitant before starting the voting process for the artists they love.

It is known that more than 3.6 million votes were recognized valid in the first week of MAMA 2018 voting.

Source: tinnhac

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