IVE’s Liz getting few lines and little screen-time in new “Kitsch” MV stirs up controversy

While being a capable voice in the group, Liz has a relatively low presence in IVE’s new pre-release track “Kitsch” and its MV.

On March 27th, IVE officially returned with their pre-release track “Kitsch” to make way for their full album. IVE, once again, captured attention with catchy tunes and visually impressive shots. After 16 hours of debut, the song holds the top chart rankings on MelOn, Genie and Bugs. Nonetheless, the controversies around Liz’s screentime is becoming the talk of the town. 

IVE came back with “Kitsch” after 8 quiet months. (Image: Starship TV) 

For this comeback, Liz only sings for 5,7 seconds, while the other members have more similar line distribution, which is usually around 20 seconds. 

The line distribution for Liz in “Kitsch”. (Image: Twitter @zhanghaoheart)
Other members have a higher line distribution. (Image: starshipTV)
Fans expressed their opinion on the situation. (Image: K Crush) 

Liz also has a relatively little screen time in this comeback. Fans reported they could only see her in the opening scenes of the M/V. During the group dance scenes, Liz could vaguely make herself stand out. 

Liz has a little screen-time in the M/V. (Image: Starship TV) 
Liz was on the side of the frame in the group dance scenes. (Image: Starship TV) 

Liz has been a capable and touching voice in IVE. That the singer was not given with more lines nor screentime is a controversial decision from Starship Entertainment, more so ever when “Kitsch” is a pre-release track for IVE’s first full album. 

In June 2022, Liz appeared with a new image. Her hair changed to a natural dark color and she was more curvy in her image. Nonetheless, fans welcomed the change and thought she was charming as ever. 

Source: YAN News 

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