“I live the way I want” IVE explodes with self-love in pre-release single “Kitsch”

IVE’s new single “Kitsch” showcases their unique style, self-confidence, and rebellious spirit.

On March 27th, at 6 p.m. KST, IVE released the digital single and MV for the pre-release track ‘Kitsch’ from their first full-length album “I’ve IVE.”


“Kitsch” is a song that is full of IVE’s unique confidence and boldness. Starting with an elegant atmosphere, it then transforms into a hip and sharp sound with intense beats and bass, showcasing IVE’s unpredictable charm through the song’s structure. The diverse sound mix accentuates IVE’s lively charm.

As expected, the lyrics are also attention-grabbing. From their debut track “Eleven” to “Love Dive” and “After Like,” IVE has consistently addressed the theme of self-love with honest lyrics. Through “Kitsch,” the uniqueness of IVE is highlighted with more straightforward lyrics.


In particular, the lyrics that contain rebelliousness, such as “No reply after reading the DM you sent / That’s my answer (That’s my style)” “Don’t judge me / I’m a girl who lives as I am, what more do you want?” “Sweet words with hidden intentions behind them / I won’t follow them, I’m smart / I won’t be attracted to things that don’t attract me” catch the listeners’ attention.

The change in the lyricists is also notable. Along with the songwriter who participated in the lyrics of the three singles “Take It,” “Royal,” and “My Satisfaction,” MonoTree’s Hwang Hyun, also known as “K-pop Beethoven”, participated in the writing of an IVE song for the first time and added unique vibes.


“Kitsch” is expected to be IVE’s fourth hit in a row. The MV teaser surpassed one million views in just 11 hours after its release and has risen to the top of the YouTube trending video rankings, proving the hot interest in IVE’s new song.

IVE is set to make a comeback with their first full album on April 10th, and promised to “express the keywords of the group’s identity, self-love, confidence, and freedom, through a variety of music.” 

Following their pre-release track “Kitsch,” fans are eagerly anticipating to see what else IVE has in store with their upcoming album.

Source: Daum

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