Line-Up of Mnet’s New Survival Show “Build Up” Sparks Criticisms

Mnet is introducing a new survival show, and the rumored line-up is causing fans to react strongly

Mnet has been known for creating survival shows that boost the popularity of its contestants, such as the “Produce” series, “Boys Planet” and “Girls Planet”, as well as “Queendom” and “Kingdom”. 

As a result, a recently announced survival show from Mnet has drawn attention, especially surrounding its contestant line-up.


In particular, an article by StarNews introduces the new show as “Build Up”, which aims to create a 4-member vocal boy group. 

The same article also named PENTAGON’s YeoOne as a confirmed participant, alongside potential contestants from WEi, BDC, A.C.E, Newkidd, ONEPACT, CIX, AB6IX, KNK, Just B, UP10TION, and VANNER.

Since most of these groups already had members participating in survival shows in the past, fans have raised concerns. 

For instance, members of A.C.E participated in “The Unit” and “MIXNINE”, several members of CIX joined “MIXNINE” and “YG Treasure Box”, and the entire group of VANNER and most of ONEPACT participated in “Peak Time” and “Boys Planet”, respectively. 

Meanwhile, some from UP10TION, CIX, WEi, and AB6IX joined the “Produce” series, with a few even chose for the final debut group like Woojin and Daehwi (AB6IX), Jinyoung (CIX), Yohan (WEi) and Wooseok (UP10TION).

bae jinyoung

Fans are thus frustrated by the possibility of their favorite stars joining survival shows once again, as well as expressing fear that the group will be separate should a member make it to the final debut lineup. 

Some also criticized the agencies of the group, claiming that instead of trying to promote their artists, these companies opted to take the lazy method of promoting via survival shows. 

Source: X, Koreaboo, StarNews

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