“Lies Hidden in My Garden” drops main poster showing the opposite mysterious auras of Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” revealed its main poster featuring Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon in a mysterious atmosphere.

Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, Gennie TV’s original “Lies Hidden in My Garden” (directed by Jung Ji Hyun/ written by Ginnai/ planned by KT Studio Genie, produced by Studio Dragon and Film Dorothy) is a suspense thriller about two women with completely different lives meeting each other due to a suspicious smell in the backyard. It is scheduled to premiere on June 19th.

Raising viewers’ curiosity with a mysterious introduction that says “The backyard has the smell of a dead body”, this drama is a new work by ‘hit maker’ director Jung Ji Hyun, whose directing skills gained recognition through “Search: WWW” and “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”. Above all, the appearance of trustworthy actors, such as Kim Tae Hee (as Moon Joo Ran), Lim Ji Yeon (as Chu Sang Eun), Kim Sung Oh (as Park Jae Ho), and Choi Jae Rim (as Kim Yoon Beom), predicts the birth of a well-made thriller.


Kim Tae Hee takes on the role of Joo Ran, who lives a perfect life but suddenly gets confused by a dead body smell in the yard, while Lim Ji Yeon portrays Sang Eun, a domestic violence victim who dreams of escaping from her miserable reality. Drama fans are expected this combination to create another hit drama.

The recently released main poster draws keen attention as it showcases Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon, who shows completely different appearances yet share subtle similarities. While Kim Tae Hee exudes delicate and noble femininity, Lim Ji Yeon impresses viewers as she looks rough and seemingly withered. In particular, Kim Tae Hee’s eyes give off a fragile atmosphere filled with fear and suspicion, whereas Lim Ji Yeon’s intense eyes are like thorns, stimulating the tension. Expectations are high for Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon’s powerful performances in “Lies Hidden in My Garden” and the explosive chemistry between the two with contrasting auras.


In addition, the similarities between two opposite characters played by Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon also arouse keen interest from viewers. Both Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon are seen wearing scarves of the same design in the main poster, suggesting that the two women are tied together by something. In the original story, these two characters lead completely different lives but are brought together by the discovery of a dead body smell in Kim Tae Hee’s backyard and drawn into a deep and mysterious secret. With the intertwining narratives of these two women, anticipation is rising for “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, which heralds the best mystery of 2023.

Source: Daum

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