Lee Youngji jokes on the difference in face size between her and IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, “It’s not Photoshop”

Lee Youngji shared her feelings about working with Jang Wonyoung as a special MC on “Music Bank”.

On September 23rd, Lee Youngji posted a video of her appearance as a special MC on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” with the caption, “As I live, all sorts of things happened. I had fun.”

On this day, Lee Youngji boasted a fantastic chemistry with MC Jang Wonyoung on “Music Bank”. The two made cheek hearts with their hands and constantly shouted “WonYoungJi” to create their own signature MC slogan.

As she was aware of the difference in the size of her face with Jang Wonyoung’s, Lee Youngji even made fun of herself, saying, “I didn’t make it bigger with photoshop,” and drew laughter from netizens.

Fans are sending comfort and support to Lee Youngji with comments such as “Our Youngji’s face is not big”, “Idols are different”.

On the other hand, rookie actor Lee Chaemin will reportedly join Jang Wonyoung as the new regular MC starting from September 30th.

Source: nate

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