Lia Kim, “TWICE Momo has the dance talent to even surpass me” (Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic)

Dancer Lia Kim praised TWICE Momo’s dance talent.

Channel A’s program “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on September 23rd, showed famous dancer Lia Kim appearing as a guest.

Lia Kim is a dancer and leader of the world-famous dance crew 1MILLION. She’s a world-class dancer who has won numerous global dance competitions and been active as a choreography trainer for BIG 3 entertainment companies, SM, YG and JYP.

On the broadcast, Lia Kim received the question asking “In your opinion, which juniors can even beat you with their dance talent?”. In response, she said, “Everyone dances well, but I’m thinking of TWICE Momo, drawing attention.

Lia Kim also taught the MCs how to do the “shooting dance” of Sunmi’s “Gashina”.

Source: daum

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