Lee Young Ji reveals her student record “She has the potential to be active in various fields in the future”

Singer Lee Young Ji revealed her student record from school days

On Sep 19th, Lee Young Ji posted a part of her student record on her X (formerly Twitter).

In the revealed student record, it was written, “She has a sociable personality and has many friends to socialize with. She actively participates in separating trash and works for the class. She has a great sense of humor, often making people laugh. She is impressive not only in school events but also in everyday life, with performances, dances and facial expressions.”

lee young ji

It continued, “She served as the school president and was said to be the most hardworking among the student councils in history. For example, she actively promoted the Hope Sharing Campaign hosted by the student council and raised a lot of funds.”

Previously, Lee Young Ji revealed in multiple interviews and broadcasts that she was the school president during middle school days.

The student record also stated, “She suggests monthly birthday parties for her classmates and works hard for her classmates herself, showing a warm heart. If she continues to cultivate diligence and restraint, she has the potential to be active in various fields in the future.”

In fact, Lee Young Ji appeared on Mnet’s “High School Rapper 3” when she was a first-year high school student and won with her outstanding talent and overflowing passion.

lee young ji

Last year, she participated in “Show Me The Money 11” and became the first female participant in the show’s history to win first place.

Lee Young Ji also showcased her exceptional variety show skills through tvN’s “Earth Arcade” and the YouTube web entertainment show “My Alcohol Diary”.

Just as written in her student record, Lee Young Ji is currently active in various fields and has gained widespread recognition.

Many fans who saw Lee Young Ji’s student record reacted with comments such as “Her teacher’s vision is amazing“, “It seems like she has been extraordinary since school days” and “Lee Young Ji is cool.”

Source: Nate

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