“Street Woman Fighter” Honey J discuss her husband-to-be and nickname for her baby (I Live Alone”

Famous dancer Honey J revealed the story behind her marriage.

On the September 23rd broadcast of MBC program “I Live Alone”, Honey J revealed the story of her marriage. 

First, Jeon Hyun Moo talked about Honey J’s pregnancy and congratulated her, while Kian84 shyly handed a bouquet of flowers to Honey J. Seeing this, Honey J thanked them. 

The dancer, who drew attention via the Mnet program “Street Woman Fighter”, then shared, “I did not feel it at first, but now it has become more apparent to me. My baby’s nickname is Love.”

When asked why she decided to call the baby “Love”, Honey J replied, “I named my children in advance, and one of the names I came up with is ‘Love’, so it will become the baby’s nickname. I once talked about my future children, thinking about how I will name them.”

Honey J then continued to talk about her to-be-husband, saying, “It’s really strange, but he has been talking about marriage since we first met”, to which Park Na Rae sympathized, “I heard that some people find out who they are getting married to at once.” 

Now a bride-to-be, Honey J also discussed her relationship, “When we were eating, he would make me eat all the fish”, causing laughter. When Jeon Hyun Moo asked what aspect of her did her fiancé fall in love with, the dancer answered, “I was told that I seemed very nice.”

“I thought someone spilled water at a place where all my friends were gathering, so I took out tissues without saying anything and just wiped it off. When my boyfriend saw this, he told me I seemed really nice,” the dancer explained. 

Code Kunst then chuckled, commenting, “This is it. The kind of feeling where once you like someone, anything they do looks great.”

Earlier, Honey J received congratulations from many fans by sharing the news of her marriage and pregnancy by posting a shadow photo taken with her prospective husband on September 15th.

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