Lee Sun-kyun Maintains ‘No Comment’ Position In Front Of Reporters At Second Police Summons

Actor Lee Sun-kyun attended the second police questioning for the investigation into his drug charges

On November 4th, Lee Sun-kyun appeared at Nohyeon Police Station in Nohyeon-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. It has been a week since his first police summons on October 28th.

Lee Sun-kyun appeared in a black suit and stood in front of the photo line with a tired expression. Bowing his head, the actor said, “Once again, I sincerely apologize for causing concern to many people”. Lee Sun-kyun added, “I will cooperate with the investigation today sincerely. Once again, I would like to tell everyone that I’m truly sorry”.

However, he repeated the same answer he said at the first summons. The actor neither admitted nor denied his drug allegations. In response to reporters’ questions, such as “Do you admit to taking drugs?”, “The hair test came out with a negative result?”, etc., Lee Sun-kyun briefly replied, “I will honestly tell everything in the investigation. I will attend the investigation today and give my honest answers”.

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Earlier, Lee Sun-kyun was accused of having administered marijuana several times at the residence of hostess bar director A. However, the actor sued A for blackmailing him to claim 350 million won. While investigating A’s hostess bar, the police found out that Lee Sun-kyun made 10 phone calls with A and booked the actor on drug charges on October 23rd. 

In the first summons, Lee Sun-kyun received a negative result in a simple drug test. Therefore, the police requested an emergency examination of Lee Sun-kyun’s hair and urine from the National Forensic Service. On November 3rd, Lee Sun-kyun’s precise hair test also gave back a negative result. 

Attention is focused on whether Lee Sun-kyun will admit to drug charges in the second summons. The police plan to secure his statement first while waiting for the result of the detailed examination of Lee Sun-kyun’s leg hair.

Source: Daum

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