Lee Soo Man is Concerned Over WayV’s Future If HYBE Takes Over SM, an Acquaintance Reveals 

In a recent exclusive report by 월간중앙, it was revealed that Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM, confided in an old acquaintance about his apprehensions regarding HYBE’s potential takeover of SM. 

According to an exclusive report, Lee Soo Man expressed his reluctance in letting HYBE take over SM’s management. The founder of SM Entertainment was worried that if they do, it could lead to WayV, a subunit under NCT, no longer being able to operate in China.

lee soo man

This statement by Lee Soo Man is a cause for concern for fans of WayV, who have been enjoying the group’s growing popularity in China. Lee Soo Man’s worries stem from the fear that SM artists would be sidelined compared to HYBE’s artists, resulting in fewer resources for their comeback schedules.

On the other hand, HYBE is optimistic about the potential benefits of acquiring SM. The company is said to be actively developing detailed plans on how to merge their strengths, with HYBE being strong in North America and SM being strong in China. Together, the two companies could create a stronger and more formidable presence in the global entertainment industry.


However, fans of WayV remain anxious about the future of the group, especially since they have been actively promoting in China and making significant strides in their music career. 

Fans are hoping that Lee Soo Man’s concerns will be addressed and that WayV will continue to thrive, regardless of the outcome of the management dispute between SM and HYBE.

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