Lee Seung Gi’s former manager “Hook’s CEO asked Lee Seung Gi to sing at drinking party”

“Entertainment company Live” mentioned the unfair treatment Lee Seung Gi received from his agency.

On the Dec 8th broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “Entertainment company Live”, the dispute between Lee Seung Gi and his agency was revealed, adding to the shock.

lee seung gi kwon jin young

On this day’s broadcast, it was mentioned that Lee Seung Gi was recently embroiled in a controversy over non-settlement with his agency Hook Entertainment. Lee Seung Gi’s position that he did not receive any settlement despite releasing 137 songs for 18 years was shocking.

lee seung gi kwon jin young

Lee Seung Gi said, “They told me, ‘You’re a minus singer.’ I didn’t know that I was making profits from music.” Lee Seung Gi’s unresolved sales were estimated to be 9.6 billion won.

An audio recording in which Hook’s CEO told Lee Seung Gi’s manager “He sent a certification of content. He said he would leave. I won’t forgive him. I’ll kill him” was also revealed.

lee seung gi kwon jin young

Former manager A further exposed, “It’s creepy that it’s the same as 20 years ago. When she (Hook’s CEO) had a drinking party with acquaintances, she called Lee Seung Gi and asked him to sing. He ate snacks and kimbap every day.

Source: Daum

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