Lee Do Hyun shines in the most important episode, “The Good Bad Mother” soars to all-time high yet

Episode 9 of “The Good Bad Mother” not only has a special meaning, but also shows Lee Do Hyun’s shining acting potential.

The Good Bad Mother” climbs to its highest rating yet, with a 9.44% nationwide rating for the latest episode.


This week’s Wednesday episode is central to the plot of the drama. It shows Kang Ho’s (Lee Do Hyun) past as if through a video tape. With a newfound memory card hidden behind a family photo, Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) is able to read her son’s diary and understands how he turned into an supposedly immoral person.

More notably, the episode reveals the untold stories of Kang Ho’s emotions and attitude in the past. For this part, Lee Do Hyun shines through with excellent immersion into his character and fleshes out a broad spectrum of emotions of his character. It turns out Kang Ho withstood every terrible thing in the past just to get closer to Woobyeok Group’s CEO Song, including cutting ties with Young Soon and Mi Joo.

The day he had to cut Mi Joo out of his life, Kang Ho was hurt to the core. He had to give up the familial relationship with his mother to protect her from harm. He understood she was not a bad mother. It was the saboteur like CEO Song and Assembly member Oh that made her that way.

After learning the truth, Young Soon goes full-on sobbing and questions why he had to do everything on his own. No matter how hard Kang Ho stops her, Young Soon burns the memory card and related records so that he can lead a happy life from now on.

Moreover, viewers learn that the secretary to CEO Song got pregnant and moved to another place to live with her child thanks to Kang Ho’s help. It turns out he has prepared a master plan to take the bad guys down.

Viewers are eager to the next episode to see how everything will unfold.

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