Why aespa Winter’s overedited photo draws praise instead of criticism

aespa Winter posted a photo that was so heavily edited, her iPhone became distorted, but fans started raving instead of criticizing.

On May 24th, aespa Winter shared several photos taken in Cannes, Southern France, on her Instagram.


In the photos, Winter wore a black dress as she gazed into the camera and exuded intense charm. The combination of Winter’s dreamy expression and the fantastic background garnered admiration.

However, netizens noticed a small mistake by Winter. In the last photo, the iPhone held in her hand appeared distorted due to “excessive editing”.


The overedited photo thus quickly spread through various social media platforms and online communities, generating diverse reactions.

In particular, netizens left comments such as, “So even a real-life goddess will edit her photo,” “The edited photo is no different from the press photo, why did she do it?” and “Was the phone camera unable to capture the real image?”

On the other hand, fans expressed their enthusiasm, saying, “I can see that she doesn’t care much about editing since it’s not meticulous,” “It’s impressive that she posted it even though the iPhone was distorted like that,” and “I smile at the thought that she must have been proud of herself for editing it even though it looks the same as the original.”


This is not the first time Winter published an “overedited” photo. Last July, the female idol shared several photos taken at KBS2 “Music Bank” on aespa’s official Instagram account, where she wore a matching two-piece outfit and a beret. 

However, the stairs Winter was sitting on appeared uneven, leading to “overedited suspicions”.

Meanwhile, aespa recently opened personal social media accounts after three years and gained attention. As of 2PM (KST) on May 25th, Winter’s followers surpassed 2.68 million, Karina reached 2.97 million, Ningning reached 2.53 million, and Giselle reached 2.6 million. Within three days of opening their accounts, all four members surpassed 2.5 million followers, proving their global popularity.

Source: Insight

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