“I don’t know how much I get paid” – Lee Seung Gi once talked about his appearance fees on “Knowing Bros”

As the news of Lee Seung Gi not getting paid by HOOK broke out, netizens immediately re-examined his past remark about appearance fees.

On November 21st, Dispatch exclusively reported that Lee Seung Gi has yet to receive any payments for his music releases from HOOK Entertainment, where he has been working for 18 years since his debut in June 2004.

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According to reports, Lee Seung Gi has released a total of 137 songs over the past 18 years but his music revenue has not been settled at all. Therefore, Lee Seung Gi decided to raise his voice and asked HOOK to provide the details of his music revenue for 27 albums.

While netizens are shocked by the news, Lee Seung Gi’s remark about his appearance fees on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in the past has become a hot topic again.

Lee Seung Gi appeared as a guest on a broadcast of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in December last year.

On the show, he mentioned the huge success of JTBC’s “Sing Again Season 1” he hosted and showed his expectations for Season 2.

Upon hearing that, Min Kyung Hoon asked Lee Seung Gi, “Season 1 ended successfully. Will you get paid more for your appearance on Season 2?”.

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Startled by the sudden question related to money, Lee Seung Gi said, “I don’t know exactly how much I get paid to appear on ‘Sing Again’”. 

At that time, “Knowing Bros” cast members jokingly commented that Lee Seung Gi must have received JTBC’s stakes instead of his appearance fees. Viewers also believed that Lee Seung Gi made that remark to show off his wealth. 

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However, as soon as the recent payment issue broke out, netizens reacted, “It’s true that Lee Seung Gi didn’t know how much his appearance fee was”, “It turned out that he appeared in the show for nothing”, etc.

Meanwhile, HOOK Entertainment is managing Lee Seung Gi, his teacher Lee Sun Hee, as well as famous actors, such as Lee Seo Jin, Youn Yuh Jung, and Park Min Young

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The National Police Agency’s Serious Crime Investigation Division recently raided HOOK for 5 hours. The seizure and search were reportedly conducted to confirm the embezzlement charges of CEO Kwon Jin Young and some other executives.

There has also been a rumor of Youn Yuh Jung leaving HOOK, but the agency immediately issued a denial, saying “It’s not true at all”.

Source: insight

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